How To Run A Business With 100% Remote Customers

The internet allows businesses to reach customers all over the globe at any time of the day without interruption. Ecommerce is a booming industry, and it seems like every big-name business is jumping into cyberspace. No matter your industry, customers are turning their backs on brick-and-mortar stores and looking to do their shopping online.

If you’ve been considering running your own ecommerce business, you need to be prepared with the right strategy to get noticed in this busy market. Confused? Here’s how to run a business with 100% remote customers.

Choose A Selling Platform

Your first big decision as an ecommerce business is choosing the right selling platform. There are many easy online tools today, like Shopify, which make it easier than ever to build your store online without being a web developer. You can even choose to use a pre-established platform to sell to customers.

Well-known platforms like Etsy are great for some businesses, but be aware that they are likely to take a percentage of your earnings. Whether you choose to start your own ecommerce website or use another platform, keep the following in mind.

Easy Buying

Shoppers have many distractions online. If a purchase takes too long to make, they’ll likely abandon their carts mid-purchase before entering their credit card information. To avoid this, make the checkout process as easy as possible. Many selling platforms like Shopify are optimized to make it easier than ever to navigate to the checkout page, but you’ll want to keep it as simple as possible no matter the platform you’re using. highlights the importance of chip and pin machines that replaced swipe and sign. The same forward-thinking approach is needed for online selling to make the payment process as secure and streamlined as possible.

Barilliance sheds light on one of the most common reasons for abandoned carts online, saying it’s due to long and confusing checkouts and unexpected account creation. Make it simple for your shoppers by skipping unnecessary steps and giving the users what they want.

Customer Experience

Finally, if you want to succeed in ecommerce, you need to focus on the customer experience. There are many big-name businesses to choose from when customers shop online. Why should they choose your business over a well-known retailer like Amazon? The difference needs to be in the customer experience.

Consider how you could create an ecommerce website that speaks to your unique audience. Aim to break down barriers between your remote customers and yourself to make a purchasing process as UK-friendly as possible. These are the little differences that keep people coming back to your business over another. claims focusing on the customer experience boosts online sales more than anything else. Show your customers you value them by crafting a customer experience that is meant to be enjoyed.

Boosting Your Online Business

Running a successful ecommerce business with 100% remote customers is harder than it sounds. This work will pay off, however, since the world is digitally focused and prefers to make a purchase by desktop or mobile device, rather than to pick up the phone and make a call. Customers can buy anything online nowadays, so why shouldn’t they choose you? Follow the tips above to see your online business skyrocket!


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